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Lost on Kinder Scout | Part II

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kinderscout2_011Shot by MJW

As my first solo attempt to find Kinder’s high point was thwarted by the Peak District’s ever present threat of low cloud and the resulting dismal visibility, I thought it was time to have another crack at it.

I headed up there with a good friend of mine, Mike. Despite a favourable forcast, the drive through the Peaks was mainly wet. Thankfully, it cleared up and we only saw rain sporadically throughout an otherwise glorious day. The climb up the cloughs was straight forward, emerging into the strange peat bog on the plateau. Then we had to set about finding the infamous ‘cairn and stake’. We scanned the horizon, both looking for a large pile of stones. It was Mike who spotted it first, and it was comical. What we found was a stone topped mound of peat no higher than a small dog, with a sorry, but proud looking stake emerging in the centre.

We headed for Pym Chair and the Pagoda, had a climb around and polished off lunch. We followed the ridge of the plateau, missing our intended route and adding several kilometers to the fabulous trek back to Edale.

kinderscout2_007Shot by MJW / The ‘Peak’

kinderscout2_002Mike surveys the plateau

kinderscout2_003Eroded stones form the Wool Pack

kinderscout2_008Shot by MJW / Approaching Pagoda & Pym Chair

kinderscout2_010Map + wind issues whilst hunting for the ‘Peak’

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October 10, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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Lost on Kinder Scout

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kinderscout002Vale of Edale

After being in the Lakes for a week, the office can become a tad claustrophobic. So I hatched a plan to drive up to the Peak District for a days walking. I set out from Edale to tackle Kinder Scout on a bright but slightly overcast day. All was going well, a simple trek along the Pennine Way led to the foot of Jacob’s Ladder. From here I followed my downloaded instructions. A difficult, but immensely pleasurable climb up the waterfalls of the Cloughs led to Kinder Scout’s plateau. Unfortunately as I emerged from the Cloughs, the cloud suddenly descended. Visibility dropped to around 200m in this very alien strange place of grough strewn peat bog. A truly amazing place. For those not familiar with Kinder Scout, it is a large plateau, with several (three I think) high points, all at 636m.

I couldn’t see any landmarks to get my exact position, despite wondering around up there for a fair amount of time. If it wasn’t for my compass I’d have been screwed, every direction was identical. As I’d never visited the area before, I was getting a tad worried and decided to abandon my planned circular route and head roughly south to pick up a path. I ended up at Noe Stool, so I followed the path south back to the safety of the Pennine Way. I can’t wait to go back during fairer weather.

kinderscout001Peat Bog in all directions on Kinder Scout’s plateau ‘summit’

kinderscout004Noe Stool emerging from the cloud

sheepObligatory random sheep shot

kinderscout003Dog topiary in Edale village

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September 1, 2009 at 2:26 pm