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Tigerfire II

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Tigerfire II – Bengal Tiger, Watercolour. Size A1. (Zoomed in & cropped)

I mentioned before that I got into painting tigers by seeing a print by Simon Combes and decided to try to copy it in watercolour. This oil painting by Combes was called Indian Summer. There is a picture of it below. Copying an oil by using watercolour is no mean feat, especially as I only had a tiny picture of it in a leaflet from the local gallery. Anyway, the above photo is of my effort. It’s been slightly cropped as it is a photograph of the painting in a frame and the glass reflections were causing problems.

Why ‘Tigerfire II’? – my parents used to have this huge tiger oil painting in the dining room when I was a kid, I’m sure it was called Tigerfire, so I named it after that.

Simon Combes original oil painting ‘Indian Summer’

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February 19, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Autumn Mist

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Autumn Mist – Bengal Tiger, Watercolour. Size A1.

I thought it was about time I sorted out getting some of my artwork on here. Being as it’s the Chinese year of the tiger, I thought I’d kick off with this…
This is one of a series of Bengal tigers created in watercolour. Size A1.  This one is called ‘Autumn Mist’. I used a book that I was bought on Bengal tigers for the composition of the paintings.

I got into painting tigers when I saw this beautiful limited edition print of a tiger oil painting in a local gallery leaflet,  I couldn’t afford it (it was by a well known wildlife artist – Simon Combes), so I took the leaflet and set about copying it – that’s how I got into painting these beautiful animals.

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February 19, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Sleeping Dangerously

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Whilst trawling the internet’s soft underbelly, I stumbled across this astonishing photograph by Bend to Squares. The mix of beauty, relaxation, danger and potential horror makes it mesmerizing to me. A stunning photograph and a work of genius.

Bend to Squares’ Flickr site

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July 16, 2009 at 5:27 pm

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Paving the way in Afganistan

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Like many, I watched with emotion, the news broadcasts of the recent eight fallen soldiers being taken through Wootton Bassett on their last homeward journey. I sense a change of mood about this war, I sense the people are sitting up and taking notice.

I don’t normally get political with my posts, but this poignant cartoon from The Times’ Gerald Scarfe says more to me than all the political and news commentary put together.

Sourced from The Times’ Cartoon section

Gerald Scarfe’s Website

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July 16, 2009 at 9:09 am

Driftwood Horses by Heather Jansch

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Heather Jansch’s driftwood horse sculptures are stunning. As someone who loves naturally aged and weathered wood, this type of scupture appeals to me greatly. Driftwood has a beautiful feel to it. Anyone who has done a spot of beachcombing will know that it is very appealing to the eye and touch. Sun bleached and pounded smooth by the ocean, driftwood on it’s own is a work of (natures) art.

Jansch breathes more life into this extraordinary wood with her lifesized equestrian sculptures. Any artist will tell you that horses are notoriously difficult to capture in any medium, so my respect for the creativity and work that goes into these pieces has depth beyond a well painted canvas.

The artists background has some appeal too. Heather Jansch wasn’t a product of the usual high and mighty art colleges. She was asked to leave Goldsmith’s College due to her indifference to soulless modern art that was en vogue at her time of study. She went her own way and took on board teachings from the well respected artist and teacher Arthur Giadelli, whom she greatly admired. After some time making a living from painting equestrian commissions, Jansch found herself admiring some driftwood and a spark of creation crackled. She had found what she was looking for.

driftwoodfoulDriftwood Foul

driftwoodbear‘Natural’ Bear

As shown above, Jansch’s talent has successfully taken a sideways step into other natural materials and animals. I presume the bear is constructed from woodland material, which works a treat. What adds that extra touch of wonderment is that the materials used are relevant to the piece. I’m half tempted to have a go myself of creating a ‘shaggy’ version of my dog, as his resemblence to a shaggy bear cub is uncanny.

For more information, visit Heather Jansch’s Website

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May 16, 2009 at 10:47 am

Eye Kandi | Jason Brooks

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Artwork by Jason Brooks

Widely known for his striking artwork on the HedKandi albums, Jason Brooks is a master of capturing the essence of glamorous women through his unique fashion illustration style. His ability to capture the female form in a few pen strokes is remarkable.

Born in London, Brooks studied Graphic Design at St Martin’s College before gaining a Master of Arts in Illustration at the Royal College of Art. His clients range from Audi to Saatchi & Saatchi.

Check out his website for a humbling lesson in capturing the female form…

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February 13, 2009 at 6:28 pm

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