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No Running

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Poor old Blue is not allowed any major exercise after his op. Yep, he had ‘them’ removed, the poor sod. There has been no significant change in his behaviour, but maybe now he’ll stop trying to hump his bean-bag toy dog 24-7. The collar has to stay on for another week, until then, he’ll have to continue his routine of crashing into doorways and giving me ‘the big stare’.


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October 19, 2009 at 11:04 am

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Malvern Hills

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Three of us headed to the Malvern Hills on Sunday (just gone). Unfortunately the weather sucked. Still we walked up and around North Hill, Sugar Loaf and Worcestershire Beacon (Highest point in the Malverns – 1395 ft). We were rewarded with views of bugger all. Still, we’d worked up an appetite & headed for the nearest pub for some food. Suitably stuffed we emerged from the pub to find the weather had cleared, so we headed back up Worcs’ Beacon for some stunning views.

malverns_002Trig Stone on Worcs’ Beacon

malverns_003Mike & Andy heading down Worcs’ Beacon towards North Hill

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October 13, 2009 at 4:23 pm

Lost on Kinder Scout | Part II

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kinderscout2_011Shot by MJW

As my first solo attempt to find Kinder’s high point was thwarted by the Peak District’s ever present threat of low cloud and the resulting dismal visibility, I thought it was time to have another crack at it.

I headed up there with a good friend of mine, Mike. Despite a favourable forcast, the drive through the Peaks was mainly wet. Thankfully, it cleared up and we only saw rain sporadically throughout an otherwise glorious day. The climb up the cloughs was straight forward, emerging into the strange peat bog on the plateau. Then we had to set about finding the infamous ‘cairn and stake’. We scanned the horizon, both looking for a large pile of stones. It was Mike who spotted it first, and it was comical. What we found was a stone topped mound of peat no higher than a small dog, with a sorry, but proud looking stake emerging in the centre.

We headed for Pym Chair and the Pagoda, had a climb around and polished off lunch. We followed the ridge of the plateau, missing our intended route and adding several kilometers to the fabulous trek back to Edale.

kinderscout2_007Shot by MJW / The ‘Peak’

kinderscout2_002Mike surveys the plateau

kinderscout2_003Eroded stones form the Wool Pack

kinderscout2_008Shot by MJW / Approaching Pagoda & Pym Chair

kinderscout2_010Map + wind issues whilst hunting for the ‘Peak’

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October 10, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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