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Sun & Rain

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It’s been a while since I did a Blue update. As he has just passed his half year on this Earth, I thought a quick photo update was required. Recently the weather has been reminiscent of April, with the sun and showers. Blue doesn’t seem to care too much about the weather, he actually seems to have more ‘mental’ moments in the rain.

When he was much younger, I documented right here, that he had a bit of a commando nutter streak in him. He’d forgo the freshly cut and level lawn, opting instead to crash and bound his way through the undergrowth, weeds and deadwood at the edges of the garden. Well, as the Spring farmland crops have shot skywards, he has rekindled his talent for conquering tall fauna and flora.

Blue goes absolutely mental, running akin to a springbok in the tall grass and crops effortlessly. I tried to keep up with him in the tall wet grass during a downpour, and it was bloody hard work. He bounds through the green stuff with gusto, eventually landing, literally, at my feet exhausted, but always ready for more of the same with little encouragement.

Whether it’s rain or sun, he seems to thoroughly enjoy himself.

blue019Crashed out in the wet grass

blue021Soaked. The top of Blue’s snout is drenched

blue022On a sunnier day, Blue mid flight whilst ‘going nuts’

blue023Having a rest amongst the wheat crop

blue024How crop circles are made

blue025Sunny stroll down a driveway that forms part of a public right of way

blue026Blue is out of shot, but a beautiful English countryside scene nonetheless

blue027Gis a drink… I even carried with me a bottle of water and a small dish for the little fella

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