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Blue + New Teeth

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Blue has finally departed with his puppy teeth. I was genuinely surprised by the size of his upper teeth, they are comically enormous. Although much larger than the outgoing nashers, these are thankfully not as sharp.

Blue has grown quite a bit, I reckon he is around 12 KG’s, I’ll know for sure soon, as he’s off to the vet for a routine check up in a few days. His coat is a little longer and suits him well. I’m not sure whether it’ll need trimming at the dog groomers, I presume so.

His increased size has enabled him to run faster and jump higher. On that note, he has recently taught himself a new trick… When he is having a ‘mad moment’, running flat out in figure of eights like a nutter, he’ll flop down in tall grass. Tongue lolloping. After a minute or so, he mentally sets his target, explodes out of the grass, running like the wind, launching himself at said target.
The target is me, well the center of my chest to be exact. The upshot is that I end up with a wriggling lump of excited dog in my arms.

I think it’s great, and Blue seems to thoroughly enjoy it.


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April 30, 2009 at 1:13 pm

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