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Big paws & farmers muck

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blue010Crazy Blue

Blue does have his ‘mad moments’, when he gets all over excited and just wants to play for hours. After going for another monsterous walk across the fields, he still had the energy to play like mad when he got back. Maybe it’s the fair Spring weather that we’ve been blessed with recently. Something’s definitely in the air, as signaled by his more concerted efforts to try to hump one of his cuddly toys. I should stop him, but it’s hilariously funny.

blue011The ‘innocent’ look


blue012One happy dog

He was a right handful on a recent walk. He discovered an interest in the muck that the farmer was spreading on the fields. He got his nose down and looked like a mental Hoover for half of the walk, skipping from on area to another in a sweeping pattern.

I tried my best to distract him, and to guide a path around the muck, but it was no good. I sat him down at one point and had a stern word with him about the emerging bad habit of burying his nose in farmers slurry… he just gave me that innocent ‘I’m sorry’ look and continued his muck-sweeping with even more zeal.

He seemed pretty pleased with himself by all acounts, and seemed to be having so much fun, I couldn’t really tell him off.

He’s starting to make some new doggy friends whilst out and about. I have to say, he is really well behaved around other dogs, small and large. Although he did give a 14 stone Irish Wolfhound a wide berth, which I thought was wise, the thing was seriously big.

The conversations with other dog owners are all similar, keywords include; puppy, age, cute, lovely lad, what breed… etc. The most common outcome of all these conversations is “woah, look at the size of his paws”, followed by a had signal that suggests Blue’s got a long way to grow.
Personally I don’t think he’ll get too big, just be one of those dogs that has comedy big paws! I don’t really care about his size anyway, if he turns out to be huge, then so be it, won’t make a blind bit of difference to me.

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April 1, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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