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Charged with wanton destruction

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Looks can be deceptive. Does this look like the face of a serial chewer?

Victims to date include… a pair of Adidas, a rucksack, travel bag, beanie hat, MacBook Pro, any drawstrings on a hoodie (whilst being worn), my face, a food tray, several blankets, the coffee table, draft excluder on the front door, dried flowers, mobile phone, slippers, socks, my ear, shoe laces, a snowboard, my big toe, a packet of cigarettes, a world atlas, a Swiss watch, the carpet, the back of my head whilst sleeping and my finger – after wagging it at him whilst telling him off for chewing something.

Guilty as charged.
(The list would be far more extensive if I hadn’t moved most stuff out of range)

Shot taken 13th february 2009

Written by rufdog

February 14, 2009 at 1:31 pm

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