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Firstly, when it comes to photography, any better than this is considered a miracle. Blue has a knack of moving very quickly whenever a lens is anywhere near him. For reference, this was his first foray into the outside world on 24th Jan 09. Initially he was very timid, now I believe he thinks he’s some sort of commando dog. He doesn’t avoid bushes, logs, flowers, hedges… he runs straight through ’em

Blue was originally dubbed ‘Happy’…

Happy was his birth name, a name given by his owners to easily distinguish pups in a litter. Why Happy?.. he was the first to wag his tale. This makes me smile, it reinforces the notion that we definitely ‘got the right one’.

To cut a long story short, an unexpectedly pregnant Beddlington Terrier X Beagle gave birth to five pups on 3rd December 2008. Dad was a wily 15 year old Tibetan Terrier, who obviously still had a bit of go left in him.

On the 8th Jan 2009 I went to collect Happy… we named him ‘Blue’.

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February 12, 2009 at 2:48 pm

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